Let me begin…

Let me begin by saying that this site is a personal project of mine. Its theme is varied and all I will type about is what I will be interested in. I will try to be disciplined with myself and churn out articles frequently but as this isn’t my job I won’t be making any promises. I am predicting that a few topics will cover health/fitness (both physical and mental), productivity, philosophy, history, crime, animal/plant life- to name but a few.

People who’d stumble across this blog may think WTF, these articles has nothing to do with the name of the site. Well, my response is that I will be conducting my research on my commute to and from my work, and will be typing up articles in my own time. So this site shows the world how I commute. I encourage people who commute to work to use this time to learn more about the world around them and keep their minds active, there is a plethora of reasons why and I’m sure I’ll post more information about it sometime in the future. No promises!

Best wishes and happy commuting.


Let me begin…